Life with rats.

Last october I adopted two one month old pink eyed white rats, JJ and Garca(Bonus points if you know where their names came from).  Garcia died at the emergency vet on new years eve.  So I thought I’d post things I’ve learned since I got rats.

1)  Hammocks are for sleeping, and wrestling and chewing.
2)  Litter boxes are for storing and hiding yummy treats.
3)  Going down Mamas shirt is really fun.
4)  Chewing things is way more fun if we’re not supposed to.
5)  We can indeed, climb anything.
6)  We love to type- even if no one can understand what we type.
7)  We’ll eat pretty much anything- except the strawberry flavored doxycycline we’re on right now.
8)  We love when strangers love on us, especially my apartment complexes office workers.

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