Children and Exes

Fact: Speaking ill about the mother of your children is almost always in bad taste*, and for that matter so is speaking ill about the father of your children.

It is just an unattractive quality for person to possess.  It’s so much bigger than speaking ill about a regular ex, most people don’t have children with a regular ex.  The child(ren) involved will pick up on your views about the other parent, they absorb so much more than you know.  In five or ten years, when they figure out the things you did to undermine the other parent, they won’t or at least they shouldn’t.  As the child of divorced parents, I get it.  I get being angry at your former partner.  I’ve also been the kid that absorbed the hate and the annoyance and the frustration about the other parent.  It sucks being in that position.
For the sake of your children, please grow up.  Please save your bitching for when it matters.  Your exes religious views, parenting style, former in-laws, diet decisions, and financial decisions are petty and irrelevant 90 percent of the time.
*Almost meaning, if there is legitimate abuse you can and should raise hell.  Other than that, just don’t.

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